Dragon Wok

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Embark on a culinary adventure with Dragon Wok, a vibrant Chinese food restaurant nestled in the heart of Canada. In collaboration with a Canadian digital agency, I was entrusted with capturing the essence of Chinese culture and cuisine, translating it into a digital masterpiece.

Challenged to create more than just a website, I crafted an immersive experience. Using Adobe XD, I designed a visually enticing platform that not only showcased Dragon Wok’s delectable Americanized Chinese dishes but also transported users into the heart of Chinese culinary artistry. Warm colors, bamboo shades, exotic fonts, and high-quality images of tantalizing dishes set the stage for an unforgettable digital journey.

The website, seamlessly brought to life, effortlessly guides visitors through an array of mouthwatering offerings. Navigating the site feels like stepping into a bustling Chinese market, triggering the senses and appetites of hundreds of daily visitors. This project stands as a testament to my ability to create not just websites, but captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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