Crystal 116

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Welcome to Crystal 116, where sophistication meets modern living in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. I had the privilege of translating the elegance and grandeur of Crystal 116 into a captivating online experience. As a focal point of architectural excellence and prime location, Crystal 116 demanded a website that mirrored its prestige.

Using my expertise in UI/UX design, I meticulously crafted a preliminary design in Adobe XD, ensuring every detail resonated with perfection. The vision came to life through a fully functional WordPress website, developed to provide seamless navigation and comprehensive information. Prospective clients can explore floor plans, check available spaces, and witness the building’s beauty through an array of photos and videos.

Collaborating with AGMA, a digital agency I’ve partnered with since the inception of my design and development career, we ensured Crystal 116’s online presence matched its real-world magnificence. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence, reflecting the essence of Crystal 116 to potential clients worldwide.

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